Access statement


Gilsland Village Hall is located in the centre of the village of Gilsland. It is a two storey building with access immediately from the roadside.There is a daily bus service to Gilsland, which stops right outside the village hall going east, and at the bottom of the village, approximately 50 metres going west.The main entrance is at the front of the building and there are two other access points, the rear entrance via a lane at the back of the property, and a fire exit located on the side of the building.

Access into the building

Main entrance

This entrance has three stone steps with handrails on either side, into a small lobby area. There is then another door into the downstairs hall.The rear entrance is accessed via a small lane behind the hall. The rear entrance is accessed via a small lane behind the hall.  This entrance is into a small lobby area and then through another door to the downstairs hall. This entrance is accessible for wheelchairs.The third entrance is through the double doors (fire doors) on the side of the building. This entrance gives immediate access via the stairs to the upstairs hall and also, via three steps down to the downstairs hall.

Access to the kitchen

The kitchen can be accessed from the downstairs hall through two doors.

Access to Toilet Facilities

The ladies and gents toilets are accessed from the downstairs hall via a small corridor. The disabled toilet including wheelchair access is via the downstairs back entrance, to the outside disabled and visitor facilities, up a small ramp.

Access to the upstairs hall

This is from the downstairs hall via the staircase with 3 stone steps, a 180 degree turn and approximately 15 more stone steps to the upstairs hall. There is a handrail up the stairs but there is no disabled or wheelchair access.

Hall Facilities

There is parking for vehicles immediately in front of the village hall, however this is public parking so may be used by other villagers.  There is an outside light and at the front of the property.The hall has an air source heat pump providing a full central heating system which is easily controllable. There is also an electric heater in the kitchen.There is a computer with wi-fi access and printing facilities, and a library area in the downstairs hall. This includes a small tourist information area. There is also a telephone.There is a selection of small tables and approximately 80 chairs. There are also six larger tables available in the upstairs hall. The upstairs hall also has a grand piano and a pool table.The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery and cutlery for approximately 80 people. There are two kettles and an urn, a fridge and microwave. There is an immersion heater and two sinks.There are contact details for all Village Hall Committee Members on the notice board inside the downstairs hall.


There is a small paved area at the rear of the hall, which is accessible from the footpath at the rear of the building.